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1. Birth parent or parents living in Japan that wish to discuss the option placing their child for adoption can contact a counselor at Baby Life at the following email address: web@babylife.org

2. Prospective adoptive parents living in Japan that wish to adopt a child in Japan are encouraged to obtain the “Satooya-Ninteisyo” from the Child Consultation Center ( or is it the Child Guidance Center) in Japan. Information on obtaining the “Satooya-Ninteisyo”(Foster Parents Certificate) can be found at the Child Guidance Center in your local area. American and Canadian families residing in Japan that wish to adopt a child in Japan should contact Baby Life at web@babylife.org for information on inter-country adoption regulations.

  • Both parents are between the ages of 25 and 45
  • Both parents resident in Kanto Area.
  • Both parents are in good health.
  • Stable emotionally and financially.

to obtain “Satooya-Ninteisyo”(Foster Parents Certificate)

Step1. Go to the Jidou Center and apply for Foster Parents Certificate.
Step2. Attend the required classes for Foster Parents Certificate (this takes about 6 months)
Step3. Send us an attached application form and a copy of Foster Parents Certificate.

3. Prospective adoptive parents that are residents or citizens of the United States and Canada that are interested in inter-country adoption in Japan must contact Faith International Adoptions at faith@faithadopt.org for information on adopting a child in Japan. Baby Life works exclusively with Faith International Adoptions in the facilitation of inter-country adoptions with citizens or residents of the United States and Canada.

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